Lady Bugs Class

Children remember experiences that have an emotional component. Gentle, loving fun combined with responsive language from us creates an atmosphere in which learning thrives. That’s why it is important for us to bond with your child in these activities. Things you do together enhance their learning (among many other benefits). This is something that play-alone high tech toys like tablets, video games, tv and others will not be able to offer. Your childs brain grows at an explosive rate during the first three year of their life. During these critical brain-growth periods, long, thin nerve pathways grow inside the brain. These are wiring connect and carry electrical impulses from brain cell to brain cell. The resulting network, which grows daily in the young brain, forms the neurological foundation of skills that your child will use for the rest of his life. Your toddler might lack the words to say “look, Mom and Dad, Im developing!”, their actions will speak for themselves. While in the Dragonfly class, your toddler will almost certainly achieve milestones such as, walking, running and stopping, all of which are important in this age group. We will place a great deal of focus on gross motor skills and PLAY! Play at this age helps tremendously towards reaching some of their most crucial milestones.