It is said…“If you live your passion you never work a day in your life!”…that is how the dream of Little Caterpillars emerged and became the reality it is today! Little Caterpillars is a fun and professional child daycare facility run by a dynamic team who are as passionate about giving your child(ren) the best early education possible as you, the parents, are. Our centres offer safe and secure environments at two convenient Midrand locations. Children from the age of 3 months to 6 years are welcome and together with her team of competent and qualified personnel, Natalie ensures that each child is properly supervised and cared for.

Our vision

The ultimate vision we have for our facility is twofold, and rooted in both the present and the future. For the present , our goal is for parents to feel good about their childcare choice, and that the children are safe, engaged, educated and smiling. And for the future , we want these children to warmly look back at their experience with us, and see it as a cherished part of their childhood.

Our mission

The mission of Little Caterpillars is to provide a safe, stimulating and caring environment for children aged 3 months to 6 years. Our focus is to encourage an education experience promoting social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Committed to the families we serve, we strive to give parents complete peace of mind , while being seen as a shining example of what a childcare centre should be.


Our commitment

Our philosophy is simple. Little Caterpillars is here to offer your children the care and comfort, fun and safety they deserve. And for you, the peace of mind that comes from knowing your child is in the best of hands. Each day promises an exciting new adventure , and we make sure each child experiences the joys of a truly caring childcare facility.

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